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RenaServ Chemical supplies a broad range of emulsion breakers for oil fluids, tank bottoms, produced water treatment, and disposal wells. RenaServ emulsion breakers are specifically formulated to handle a variety of fluid conditions and applications. Based upon a review of your system and product testing, RenaServ can recommend the appropriate emulsion breaker to improve your process or handle a specific problem.


RenaServ oil & gas corrosion inhibitors include a broad range of products. RenaServ corrosion inhibitors are designed for a variety of applications including reinjection wells, gas plants, refineries, transportation lines, and barges. RenaServ corrosion inhibitors reduce costs and extend the working life of capital assets such as process equipment, pipelines and storage tanks.


RenaServ provides a full range of inorganic and organic coagulants as well as flocculants for the oil & gas and refining industry. Applications include mud dewatering, oil/water separation, flowback water recycling, and produced water treatment.

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