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RENASERV understands the importance of success of all well clean up and flow back operations. It is important before putting the well on production to ensure that the fluids lost during drilling, completion, or injected following stimulation operations are removed. Wellbore Clean Up and Flow Back Operations provide the ability to optimize the reservoir deliverability, obtain optimal water separation and efficient oil and gas disposal either through burning or reinjecting the separated oil and the flaring of the gas.

A full range of equipment is available to provide the best possible flareless solution to our customers. This includes:

  • Multiphase Flow Meters

  • High Rate injection pumps

  • High Capacity safe Oil storage tanks

  • Double Stage Separation Equipment


RENASERV Completion team are focused on providing efficient and economical solution to fit the customer’s needs. Through our partnership with the leading Completion Equipment manufacturers, OILSERV provides a wide range of completion solutions including but not limited to:

  • Multistage Completions

  • Monobore Completions

  • Dual Completions

  • Wellbore Intervention Equipment and Services

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RENASERV Artificial Lift team is focused on providing the best in class solution to optimize the production of our customer’s wells. Through our partnership with the best in class Artificial Lift equipment manufacturers, OILSERV provide a  wide range of Artificial Lift solutions including but not limited to:

  • Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP) Equipment and Services

  • Artificial Lift Controllers (VSDs & Switchboards) Equipment and Services

  • Gas Lift Equipment and Services

  • Jet Pump Equipment and Services

  • Surface Pumping Systems Equipment and Services

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RENASERV integrated SLS Trucks incorporating dedicated cranes, MAST trucks totally independent for rig less operations, offshore skid units. The services provided include:

Mechanical Services

  • Bottom Hole Pressure & Temperature Surveys

  • Electronic BHP/BHT Memory Gauge Services

  • Running & Pulling Downhole Plugs & Safety Valves

  • Shifting Sliding Sleeves

  • Completion Integrity

  • Locating Tubing Ends, Bottom of Hole & Obstructions

  • Paraffin and Scale Cutting

  • Fishing Operations

  • Gas Lift Operations

  • Large Bore


We offer all conveyance applications designed to improve well performance including matrix stimulation, wellbore cleanout, real-time logging, perforating, nitrogen kickoff, sand control, milling, cementing, circulation, mechanical isolation, fishing and wireline conveyance. We lead the industry in our markets and have built our service offerings to fit our client’s needs



Our equipment and fluid systems are designed for the environment in which we work and our designs are engineered to add value providing the most economical and cost effective solutions.

We offer clean viscosified acid systems, emulsified systems, gelled systems and combine these with well data design systems and diversions to achieve maximum reservoir penetration. Our technical team provides reservoir centric solutions by integrating our home markets expertise with state of the art fluid technologies, design simulators, petrophysics and geomechanics evaluations.

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